Small Business Websites are important: Here’s WHY

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Nowadays it’s more common for a business to have their own websites than it is not to. Generally speaking,  as a result of this, consumers tend to be turned off by companies that don’t have one. Therefore it’s important to have a web presence even if you have a small business. Especially because a website gives your business credibility as it puts the business out there and makes itself known. Modern consumers expect it, and it instantly gives businesses credibility. Other than credibility there are a few more reasons why small business should have a website and that’s what we are going to talk about on this post.

How often do you search for products and services online before looking in the Yellow Pages? Or actually let me put it this way, do you even look in the Yellow Pages for products or services nowadays?


Many of us aren’t getting the Yellow Pages delivered to our doors anymore as they have transitioned to digital. As a consumer, you probably use the Internet for most of your needs and searches.

Speaking in general, a business that has a website are able to reach their consumers better than those that don’t. It looks like in these days even the smallest of business, like the grandma’s arts and crafts business could benefit from a “Small Business Website.

More then ever, consumers expect to find you on the web and when they don`t you have a big chance of losing business. But don`t get me wrong, it does not mean that you`re going to be extremely successful only because you have a website. Even businesses that do have websites can leave bad impressions on their web consumers. And unfortunately, we see a lot of small business owners failing because they don’t have the skills nor the time to design a functional website. And that`s why is so important to have a legitimate website designer to help the business look professional and be able to reach out for their consumers in the best way possible.

Also, when you put yourself out there you show your brand and brands are not only a big part of the company, it`s the entity of the business. A brand, especially a small business brand, is what it stays on the consumer’s minds. It makes your business recognizable and trustful. So creating a website that allows you to show your brand, again mentioning the grandma`s arts and crafts business as an example, will make you stay alive in the market for a longer time than if you don`t have a web presence.

Another reason why a small business should have a website is that the days of radio and billboard advertisements are gone. A lot of small business owners trust only on the power of word of mouth marketing and many of them don’t particularly like doing marketing or have a lot of experience with it. Marketing is important for business success. With SEO and digital marketing small business can get higher visibility and score more consumers than without it.

On another note, having a website outshine small business and others that don`t will remain in the dark.  The majority of small business have websites and those that don`t simply can`t compete with them and so competition is one of the biggest reasons why small business should have websites.

It`s 2019 and according to Brian Sutter, a Forbes Contributor, more than a quarter of small business still don’t have a website. That’s 29% of small businesses that are not digital and therefore are still in the dark of the business world and are unable to promote their services and products to online consumers which are the majority of the consumers.

Are you a small business owner and don`t have a website yet?

Having a website will increase your sales and attract more costumers. Remember: retention and customer loyalty has always been the smartest way to grow a business.

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