What Is Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

Have you ever considered what the most effective method of marketing you can apply to your business?

Have you ever heard of inbound marketing? Inbound marketing refers to a modern process of attracting prospects strategically through content creation in an organic search traffic. Inbound marketing is not only better in attracting new clients, but it is also easier to track return on investment than conventional marketing.

Conventional marketing uses invasive means of promotion such as massive emailing, cold-calling, billboards, flyers, and other channels which are harder to track. Thus making it harder for the business owner to know if there is any return of investment being made.

Inbound marketing uses pull marketing to attract new business and consciousness of your business. In short pull marketing is a strategy that uses pull search engine optimizer (SEO), which will filter the search of individuals and show adds that are specific to that individual’s needs. If a person is looking to buy a car then the (SEO) will show car adds in order to bring awareness of a specific brand.

Every business that wishes to persist in times of cut throat competition, needs some kind of marketing. The hard question as a business owner, is to recognize which kind of marketing channel will work better for your business. As we mentioned before the cost of conventional marketing can be too expensive and draining without specific data on return on investment (ROI), specially for smaller businesses who cannot afford a big billboard on a busy street.

Outbound marketing refers to pushing a brand out to the public in a meddling manner. Due to the invasive and archaic techniques used by this method of marketing, cold-calling, massive emailing, and billboards are techniques which keep getting less effective because they have become easier to avoid by possible consumers. For example, one can choose to always have mass emails go into the “junk” folder of their email, or ignore cold calling.

Outbound marketing might seem a good way to reach out to your customers, however the cost is too high and the return on investment is hard to track, making it harder to mediate the cost and the gains of outbound marketing . It is also important to remember that new businesses will not have the means to pay for seminars or pay someone else to constantly call people in order to promote their brand. That is when inbound marketing comes in to place, to snatch the game and help big and small businesses succeed.

As mentioned before inbound marketing is more cost effective than outbound marketing. In order to understand how the inbound method will help your business grow, you have to target the right audience and attract them. We live in times of social media and constant sharing of information through the internet. If your audience spend most of their time on social media, you will also want to spend most of your resources on social media.

It is a matter of strategically placing an Ad where your audience will see it. Another advantage of inbound marketing is the fact that you do not need to seek out customers, but instead you will have interested customers looking for you, and know where to find your through search engines and social media. That is why it is always recommended to have a website for your product, with the right strategic marketing plan.

Having a website for your product and a marketing plan, will allow you to reach a broader audience at the right time in order to make sure the person will turn into a customer. This ensures that your brand will not only be seen, but that it will also ensure a customer.


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