Web Design: TOP 4 Tips For A Successful Website

TOP 4 Web Designs Tips For A Successful Website

It is true that social media channels tend to replace other traditional web methods, but trust me, a website it is still necessary! Every small or big business, organization, shop etc., needs its own online space to showcase its story, qualities, aesthetic, and then products and services. People need to know you first, in order to trust you, and therefore, to purchase from you. In other words, you need an awesome website, with an even more awesome web design! 

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I’ll share with you my TOP 4 essential web design tips, on how to create or even update a website that your visitors will love navigating in! Oh yeah! And of course, that will result to more paying customers! Ready, set, scroll! 

TOP 4 Web Design Tips for a Successful Website 

Fast Loading Page 

There is a reason high-speed made it on the top of this list with web design tips. Whatever you do, whatever you offer, there is nothing more important than a high-speed website! It is proven that pages that load slow, tend to lose users, fast! It’s crucial for two reasons, and they’re both equally important. Users will not stick on a slow page, and search engines will keep you out of their SERPs. It’s simple as that! 

Follow A Consistent Visual Hierarchy 

Here we’re talking for one of the most important factors of a website that can convince and convert. But because first things, come first, let’s see what visual hierarchy is! It’s a combination of visual techniques combined with science and research, about what draws the attention of human eye. Simply put, it’s a strategic plan, regarding the layout arrangement of written and visual information, the type of visuals, their size and color, as well as their contrast. 

Be Mobile Friendly 

It’s not a secret that people use their phones and/or tablets more than laptops nowadays. And of course, your web design must follow the trends, and the screens! Your website should accommodate the needs of your visitors. Mobile optimization offers a clean, and easy user experience, exactly as if they were browsing from their laptop. It’s a must! 

Make Them Scroll, Not Click 

Remember the user experience we were just talking about? The same applies here, but it’s also wrapped with the potential purchases from your visitors. People don’t like clicking here and there, moving to other pages, losing content, and they certainly hate pop-up windows! Don’t be afraid to make tall pages, in order to cover every question. Let people scroll down to see your services, and win them from the home page. If you did that successfully, they will click to read more. 

There are plenty or ready-made templates for web design at the moment, which allow you to build your website on your own. I must admit that some of them are really upping their game with great features and choices. But yet again, there is nothing like your own, unique, customized web design, done by professionals. SEODAPOP can design an amazing website for you, which will include all the above and much more! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! 

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