Up Your Customer Service Game Through Social Media

Up Your Customer Service Game Through Social Media

The whole social media thing started as a platform for old friends to connect, share and engage with others. Then other channels popped out as platforms for people to express their feelings, thoughts, work, art, and many more. Today, even though the engagement is still a big thing on social media, we are far from their primary use. Today, social media are major business platforms, that help companies to connect with their customers, engage with their brands, and of course, to increase their customer service experience. Because yes, despite what some people believe, social media are a major contributor to your customer service department. As you’re about to read, the following are few easy-to-follow tips, that will help you to boost the engagement with your brand, and will boost your customer service, and all these, by using social media. 

Reply to Everything and Everyone 

Unlike you brick-and-mortar address that cannot be available 24/7 in order to answer customers questions, social media are here to help. The customer service expectations are increased on social media as you’re expected to always be on. And even though this sounds as a big commitment, make sure that you will try to respond to everything and everyone, as fast as possible. 

Solve Possible Disputes Effectively 

Sometimes, you’ll have to investigate a bad review, or to respond to a negative comment (yes, they also need a reply). It’s important to know which of the possible disputes you’ll face should be answered in public or in private. 

Was it a Question or Just a Thought? 

When earlier we said to respond to everything, we meant it. Did someone ask more information about your posted services or products? Answer, and answer quick, and in details. Did someone post a review about his experience with your company? Let them know that you appreciate the feedback. Did someone say that you’re awesome? Tell them how awesome THEY are, and how flattered you are from their comment! 

The Power of Greeting People 

If you want a successful customer service strategy on social media, then you have to be a bit personal. When answering an inquiry, make sure to greet the person with their first name, and ultimately close your message by “signing” with the name of the representative who is handling the request. 

If you find yourself to keep up with the needs of your social channels and them to be aligned with what your customers need, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Seodapop has many years of experience in helping small businesses to build their online dreams. Either it’s a website, a SEO strategy, social media marketing and more, just give us a call and let’s discuss how you can be part of our family. 

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