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Bing Optimization

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Ever since Microsoft launched its Bing search engine, it has drawn a lot of interest (and speculation) from the SEO community. On one hand, this is quite logical because Bing is intended to be one more heavy-weight player and it is expected to cut some share from Google. On the other hand, this is hardly the first time a new heavy-weight player comes to the ring, so maybe the expectations that Bing will put an end to Google’s monopoly are groundless. Still, Bing is quite different (in a positive way) from the other search engines and this is its major strength. Read More

Search Engine Friendly Redirect Checker


A lot of us lose out on valuable search engine traffic due to incorrectly configuring our redirects.
It is very import that when a search engine comes to crawl your website it is able to follow any redirects you have set up.

Suppose you have a website http://www.foo.com and you create a redirect such that whenever any visitor types in the URL http://www.foo.com he is automatically redirected to http://www.foo.com/widgets/, If the Search Engine is not able to follow the redirect it would think that http://www.foo.com has NO contents, http://www.foo.com would end up ranking very badly in search engines.

This tools help you determine if the redirect you have created is Search Engine Friendly.


How to Use SlideShare for Driving Traffic


When we want to drive traffic to a site, we usually start with the free ways to do it. However, we frequently don’t use the best free alternatives simply because we don’t know about them. An example of a such great free alternative many marketers don’t use to the fullest or at all is SlideShare. This is a huge miss because SlideShare can really bring good traffic (and more than this) – for free. Read More