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Creating The Right Email For Your Business

Creating The Right Email For Your Business

By Marketing

Email marketing is the best tool available, for brands who want to engage with their customers, and gain leads and conversions. This method works well for business owners, because they can constantly promote products, services, updates, and offers, with their audience. But creating the right email for your brand, can be tricky. Just because you’re sending emails, it doesn’t mean that they convert into paying customers. Email marketing has great potential, but needs your effort in order to succeed. When you send out emails, you’re somehow intruding in someone’s life. You have to convince that someone that he can trust you, and that he can benefit from you. How you can do that? Of course, by creating the right email! And if you’re asking again how to do that, then scroll down your page for some helpful tips. Read More

Cold Leads: Tips to Convince and Convert

Cold Leads: Tips to Convince and Convert

By Ecommerce, Marketing, Social Media

Many people will say that cold leads are dead nowadays, but others will argue that they are still standing strong. To be honest, there is not an absolute yes or no to this question, and the truth lies somewhere in between. What is for sure, they don’t work well for every business and for all the consumers. With that being said, it’s easy to understand that you need a balance in order to see results. If you’re a dedicated believer of cold calls and cold emails, then you’re reading the right article. I gathered few tips and tricks on how to effectively approach people, and generate sales through cold leads. Sounds interesting? Check them out.  Read More

Starter's Pack For Effective Email Marketing

Starter’s Pack For Effective Email Marketing

By Ecommerce, Marketing, Mobile E-commerce

Does email marketing work? Yes, it does. Does it work without you putting effort? No, it doesn’t. Email marketing can be complex, but extremely powerful at the same time. Did you try to implement an email strategy for your marketing purposes but you didn’t get the results you were expecting? Are you thinking to implement a new email marketing for your business? If your answer is yes, then you’re reading the right article. Read More

B2B Email Marketing: 10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Services


Although there are a growing number of touch points in the B2B network, such as social networks, blogs and press releases, one touch point that remains critical is B2B Email Marketing. B2B marketers still view emails as the most personal tool in generating and nurturing leads, and building brands.

According to eMarketer, there will be approximately 236 million U.S. email users b y 2017. This reality underscores the importance of a solid B2B Email Marketing strategy today and in the future. However, there are several common mistakes marketers make when it comes to email marketing.

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