Social Media Strategy: 3 Reasons to Create One Today!

Social Media Strategy: 3 Reasons to Create One Today!

If you leave me unattended, I can speak about the importance of a social media strategy for hours and hours. But in order to avoid that, let’s see few incredible social media statistics from HubSpot: In June 2018, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly users. 79% of people online use Facebook, while Snapchat has 188 million active users every day. Whoa! There is certainly something big going on here, and these numbers are just a sample. In case they didn’t convince you (seriously now?) to start a social media strategy, then the following three reasons, will certainly do the work! Ready, steady, scroll! 

What Is a Social Media Strategy? 

Social media strategy is the way your business chooses to use social media channels, towards its advertising, communication, and therefore, financial benefits. Keep scrolling to get the answer to why! 

A Social Media Strategy Puts You Where Your Customers Are 

There is a fair amount of people that use Facebook as their primary content stream, instead of reading blogs or visiting websites. Through customized storytelling, engaging visuals, and a handful of other marketing methods, you can drive traffic from social media to your website. So, where is the best spot to go for fishing? Exactly! Where all the fishes are gathered and ready to catch the bait. People of all ages spend few hours a day checking their social media accounts from laptops, or mostly mobile phones. A strong presence on social media will place you exactly where your customers are. That’s how you can get the much-desired exposure you’re looking for. 

Social Media Strategy Will Influence Purchasing Decisions 

The rapid growth of sales generating from social media, it’s possible that soon will eliminate other traditional advertising methods. Sites like Facebook and Instagram became major players in the field, and they are transformed into pay-to-play platforms. Social media users leisurely scroll their timeline and stop to whatever catches their eye. They engage with pictures and videos, read and interact with offers and services, check or write reviews etc. Social media accounts give you the base to amaze your customers. It’s up to you to create compelling, and engaging content of high quality to get their attention. Additionally, you have the ability to shape your audience according to the desired profile of your potential customers. Social media pages and ads give you access to a plethora of useful demographics and preferences of your fans. So, without a social media strategy how you expect all these to happen? 

Your Competitors Already Have a Social Media Strategy 

This one doesn’t really need loads of explanation. A business in order to survive, must go along with the industry changes and trends. If you don’t build your social media strategy to hit the competition, you’re simply out of the game. People love when they have more options available so they can compare and feel that they’re getting a better deal. And you have to give them what they want, right? 

These are very briefly three of my favorite reasons on why your business needs a strong social media strategy. The online marketing owns the present and can determine the future of your sales department! SEODAPOP offers an array of professional and up-to-date services for online marketing. We can get you started and help you to meet your advertising expectations. Sounds good? Let’s chat!

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