4 Social Media Promotions That Deserve Your Attention

4 Social Media Promotions That Deserve Your Attention

You would be surprised how many things you can do on social media in terms of marketing. Photos, live videos, optimization, branding, engagement, ads, and many, many more! However, there are few social media promotions that don’t get the attention they deserve. In this article, I rounded up for you four of my almost-secret social media promotions, to help you gain more from your social media channels. Sounds awesome? Then let’s find out how it works! 

4 Social Media Promotions That Deserve Your Attention 

Write Your Story in Your Profile 

At the time, all the big social media channels are constantly changing and improving their algorithms and features. One of those features, are the multiple options you have in the bio section, especially in Facebook. You may think that you filled out all the requirements, but I suggest that you double-check. Use all the aspects of your page and tell to your audience which are your contact details, and other social media and channels. Continue by sharing the type of your business, as well as your services, and top it off with a detailed story of your company. 

Cross-Promote Your Business Across Your Different Channels 

Next on the social media promotions list, is the cross-posting! You have Facebook, then you made Instagram, and later Snapchat came in. While you’re looking for ways to maintain your followers’ base, know that the one can help the other! Let your Facebook fans know that you’re Instagram, or send people to your Snapchat account. It works well, and every time! 

Give Social Media Only Offers and Discounts 

Let’s say that you’re selling shoes, and you have an offer that you want to promote. What if you can do that, and at the same time you check how good your engagement on social media is? Post an exclusive discount code on your social media, and ask your fans to purchase this limited offer. This works for two reasons: First and foremost, you give something to your fans, which makes them feel special, and you also make profit. Additionally, you’re getting them into the mood that new offers will pop again, and they keep checking your profile! Social media promotions are cool, aren’t they? 

Have Yourself a Branded Hashtag on Instagram 

Just so you know, 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram, are branded, so why it’s not yours? Add your own, custom hashtag directly on your bio section, for easy access. And once you’re done, let your followers know, ask them to follow it, and of course use it! Plus, this way you can gather as much user generated content to post, as you want. 

These 4 are my all-time favorite social media promotions, that require less, and give more back. Looking for some professional help to get your social media promotions going? SEODAPOP offers top notch services in online marketing, and we’ll be glad to achieve your marketing goals for you! Give us a call! 

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