Should You Focus On Only One Field For Your Web Design And Development Agency?

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As developers, it’s easy to get stuck creating websites for one industry as many new clients come through referrals. It can be good to become a specialist in one field, as you’ll have a great portfolio of websites to attract new clients within that field, but this can also become repetitive.

What has years of experience taught us about Web Development you ask?

Working as a developer in an agency affords you the time to do what you really want to do – develop websites. Cutting out the time searching for new clients, answering emails and going to meetings leaves more time to focus on honing your coding skills, keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry and dedicating ample time to each project. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skills since joining SeodaPop – both from having a team to work with and simply from having more time to develop!

Working in a multi-disciplinary agency such as SeodaPop where developers work alongside graphic designers, project managers, photographers and videographers means every day offers the possibility of collaboration and a deeper understanding of the web development industry. Weekly and monthly team meetings allow the whole team time to put forward ideas and consider different points of view. There’s always the opportunity to pick up new skills outside of web development, such as using Sketch or managing clients, all of which give you a better overview of the entire web development process. It’s also great to have a team of people to grab a pint with at the end of the day!

While both are good options to begin any career as a web developer, I’d thoroughly recommend seeking agency experience first and foremost. Working freelance has some brilliant benefits but nothing quite accelerates your learning as quickly as working alongside experienced developers and a creative team!


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