SEO Strategy: 7 Reasons Why It Fails

SEO Strategy: 7 Reasons Why It Fails

You read all of our articles about search engine optimization, you tried them, but your SEO strategy still doesn’t convert. What is happening? Well, as incredible SEO is, as complicated it can be. There are several factors that can help you climb on the SERPs page. If you want to solve a problem, then you should find its cause, right? The following seven listings are crucial reasons why your SEO strategy is not bringing results in. Ready, set, scroll! 

Your Website Is Not Appealing 

I’m sorry to hear this from me, but maybe your website is not as cool as you think! In order to convince Google that you deserve its attention then you should take care of two things. Make sure that you offer high-quality, fresh, and original content, as well as a pleasant user experience. That’s all you need for a killer SEO strategy, seriously. 

You Don’t Measure Your Results 

It’s really important to closely monitor your SEO strategy, so you can identify what works and what it’s not. If you’re not tracking the results, then you probably use techniques that don’t work good enough for you. 

Your Link Building Is Not Well Structured 

Link building is one of the greatest assets of search engine optimization. The key to success is to exchange high-quality links with trustable websites and blogs. Spam profiles or low-quality links have as a result, penalties from Google. 

There Is Big Competition 

It sounds odd but it’s true. If you’re trying to compete with major and reputable brands and the old dogs of internet, then it’s possible that you’re not going to make it. But of course, there are alternatives that you can get benefit from, like local SEO, and social media marketing. 

You Are Close-Minded with Your Keywords 

Yes, targeted keywords are important for a successful SEO strategy, however don’t over optimize them. If your keyword list is too narrow, then it’s more likely that you’re missing attention here. 

People Do Not Search Your Keywords 

Is that even a thing? Yup, unfortunately it is! It’s very important to create a SEO strategy with a strong keyword focus. Before you start, make a thorough keyword research around you niche, and find out what people write on the search bar. 

You Don’t Have Social Media Accounts 

All of your existing or potential customers have social media accounts, why wouldn’t you? Social media thrive with Google’s algorithm and you are in a big loss if you’re out of them. A SEO strategy combined with social media is like the adage “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats.” 

If you find yourself struggling with your SEO strategy, you can always call the experts. SEODAPOP’s team is capable and experienced enough to create a killer SEO strategy for you! We can help you skyrocket your website on the SERP’s. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s chat! 

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