Search Engine Optimization: 8 Reasons Why We Love It!

Search Engine Optimization: 8 Reasons Why We Love It!

Oh! dear Search Engine Optimization! So much what you do, so less what you ask! Are you in love with the great benefits of SEO as well? Because SEODAPOP’s team certainly is! It’s definitely your secret weapon in order to convince and convert in the digital world. The possibilities of a SEO plan are pretty much endless, and the results impeccable! Are you for any reason questioning that? The following 8 reasons of why Search Engine Optimization is important, will convince you! Check them out! 


8 Reasons of Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important 


Promotes Organic Search: 

Undeniably, organic search serves as the primary factor that drives traffic to your website. In fact, according to Search Engine Watch, 64% of the total referral traffic originates from organic search. Ultimately, this number would be the end of this article, but scroll down for more! 

Proper Optimization Offers Better User Experience: 

In order to achieve high rankings on Google, you have to offer an overall high-quality experience. Quality content, low bounce rates, mobile-friendly websites, visitors spending time on your page and more, are important as well. 

It Will Help You to Give a Better First Impression:

Search Engine Optimization gives you the ability to monitor exactly how your content appears online. SEO lets you to create custom snippets with a proper meta description. Therefore, it’s up to you to win your clicks with an awesome description of what you are, why you are, blah, blah. 

SEO Will Allow You to Build Trust and Credibility:

People are more likely to interact, engage, and purchase from a reputable business. They need to see that you’re taking your business seriously. Therefore, they expect a clean and easy to navigate website, engaging content, and a positive user experience. 

It’s More an Investment Than a Cost:

Yes, of course, Search Engine Optimization does not come completely free. But given its large conversion rate, paying for a SEO strategy is more of an investment than a cost. 

SEO Will Increase Your Online Visibility:

While you want to create even stronger connections with your existing customers, you want to drive new sales in the cashier as well. More visibility, means more and more people checking your website. It’s up to you to create faultless content and services to keep them interested. 

Each and Every Offshoot of SEO Is Measurable:

Whatever you do, as less or much as you’re paying, you need accurate data to understand what converts and what not. SEO is absolutely and easily measurable, so you know what to keep and what to change. 

It Works Well with The Social Media Sharing Button:

Search Engine Optimization collaborates well with the sharing button of social media. Remember those title tags, snippets etc.? This is what appears when people share your content on their social feed. And that’s a sign of high-quality for Google’s rankings! 

Search Engine Optimization offers a vast number of cool benefits for your business, and the above are only a sample. Long story made short, optimizing your website, will certainly increase the visibility, credibility, as well as your searchability. Need help with your SEO plan? In SEODAPOP we have the knowledge and experience to effectively optimize your website. See our portfolio, and check our SEO and online marketing services. Have questions? We’ll be glad to answer all of your inquiries! Let’s chat! 

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