Organic And Paid Search: Which Is Better?

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Organic And Paid Search: Which Is Better?

Organic, or paid search? Which is better? The question may sound simple, but the answer is pretty complicated. Organic and paid search are different, and they both have their pros and cons. Want to know the difference, as well as the benefits of each? Then keep scrolling for the ultimate crash test: Organic Search VS Paid Search. 

What is Organic Search? 

When you type a question on Google (why you use another search engine?) the results page generates pages with relevant content and sponsored websites. Everything you see below the paid ads, is part of the organic search. 

What is Paid Search then? 

Remember that in organic search you consider all the results below the ads? Then for the paid search, you consider only the sponsored websites that appear at the top of the results page, and have a distinctive ad sign. 

What Are the Benefits? 

Both organic and paid search have a number of advantages and disadvantages. 

Organic Search Benefits: 

Trust: For a website to reach high in the results page of Google, it means that shares quality content. Users are more likely to interact with businesses that have high ranking, because they know that they are spam-free, and have been trusted from previous users. 

It’s never ending: Once you made it at the top, you stay there. In other words, organic search is evergreen. High quality content will stick on the top for longer, and it will generate results, even long after its creation. 

Organic Search Drawbacks 

Time and effort: In order to get the much-desired organic high ranking on Google, you need months or even years, and lots of work. 

Paid Search Benefits 

It’s faster: Unlike its organic counterpart, paid search works faster. When you create ads, you force your way to the top, and that means more visibility, in no time! 

Targeted audience: All the ads can be customized according to the audience you want to reach. That may include their age, income, gender, location, etc. 

Paid Search Drawbacks 

It costs: Let’s be honest, both organic and paid search cost something. Even if you’re not paying for ads, then you probably pay someone to create your content. But on the other hand, ads have extra cost, and they can be pretty expensive. The most popular your keyword is, the higher the bid per click is. 

Limited time: Paid search is a no-money-no-honey situation. Once you stop paying, they don’t exist anymore, and they cannot drive any more traffic to your website. 

Users will not trust the ads: Organic search offers trust and credibility to the users. Paid ads on the contrary, they may not be treated equally. 

Organic and Paid Search:  Which One to Choose? 

You don’t need to choose only one. In fact, a combination of both organic and paid search, can bring in great results. SEODAPOP offers competitive SEO packages, including results for paid and organic search. Check our Search Engine Optimization Services today!

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