Link Building: What Is It And Why It’s Important

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Link Building: What Is It And Why It's Important

SEO here, SEO there, SEO articles everywhere! Why is everyone keep talking about Search Engine Optimization and its offshoots? Well, probably because it is one of the most powerful marketing tools! If you’re new in the game of SEO, it is possible you believe that only keywords matter. While keywords are indeed a strong asset, this is not actually true. In this article you will read about the greatest asset of SEO which can boost the traffic of your website like rocket! Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you the “Link Building.” 

What Is Link Building? 

Simply put, is the process of obtaining a number of links from other websites that lead back to yours. 

Why Is Link Building Important? 

First of all, Google said it. Matt Cutts from Google admitted the importance of backlinks. Among others he said: “Backlinks are a really, really big win in terms of quality for search results […] backlink relevance still really helps in terms of making sure we return the best, most relevant, most topical set of search results.” But what does Matt mean with that? Well, the use of backlinks is an important factor to help you climb on Google’s page ranking. See, backlinks are something like a sign for Google that your website is a trustworthy source with quality content. Therefore, is ideal if you want to gain more search engine traffic for your website, or for your clients. 

Is Link Building Easy? 

So far you like the idea to increase your chances for a better spot on the search results page, but I can see you’re wondering how to do it. Well yes, link building is necessary, cool, interesting, effective and other decorative adjectives, but it can be hard. If you don’t do it properly, link building will return back as boomerang. See, there is a difference between link building and link spamming. Be serious about it, otherwise it is more possible that you’ll get penalties from Google, instead of fruitful results. 

How Can I Start Link Building? 

The process for link building is as simple and complex as the script of a chick-flick movie where boy meets girl, girl meets boy, and they fall in love. First, find the target page of your interest, and then locate the relevant potential of its content and throw bait. Search for their contact details, and reach them out with a well-curated, and customized email. They may accept, but you’re not done yet, because now you have to manage, and measure the results. If you’re planning to approach only a few pages, then this is fine and super-efficient for you. Yes, link building can be time-consumptive, but it can bring in great results. Fortunately, there are plenty of link building tools that can do most of the work for you. Conduct a research, read reviews, and choose the one that fits best to your needs.

The field of SEO and link building tools and methods is constantly changing. The online world is currently seeking for true, meaningful engagement more than ever, so that’s enough for you to understand how important is to stay updated and continuously growing your skills on the evergreen potentials of link building. Need some professional help for your SEO plan? SEODAPOP will surely do the work!

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