Landing Pages: What Are They And How Do They Work

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Landing Pages: What Are They And How Do They Work

You already know what a website is, but lately you heard about landing pages. What are they, and how do they work, and most important, how can you benefit from them? This is what you’re going to read in this article. I’m going to break down the term landing pages, and explain you what, how, and why. Ready? Let’s find out! 

What Are Landing Pages and How Do They Work? 

Unlike to a traditional website, landing pages are single web pages, made for advertising and marketing campaigns. They are used due to their ability to transfer a clear message without tons of links and irrelevant information, but only the targeted object. They are known for carrying a single call-to-action button, designed to focus on a specific marketing purpose, product, or service. All the above, are the reasons why marketers love using landing pages for their advertising campaigns. 

How Do People “Land” on My Page? 

Once you create your landing page, you want visitors, subscriptions, and/or purchases, right? This happens with promoted links all over the web like social media, emails, search engine results, ad banners, and more. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Landing Pages? 

Landing pages are made to deliver a specific message, offer etc., or in other words, a targeted promotion. This could stand alone among the list with the benefits, because it’s different to create ads, and different to make targeted ones. Simply put, landing pages can and will increase your conversion rate, which was the main goal from the beginning. More conversions, means more purchases, more happy customers, more profit! 

Types of Landing Pages 

There are several types, and that’s because of the various types of promotions every business has. However, there are two main categories, which are the “Click-Through” and “Lead Generation.” Click-Through is widely used for e-commerce, featuring a simple call-to-action button. On the other hand, lead generation ones, are more likely to be used for corporate purposes and B2B marketing. They mainly collect information in order to increase databases with emails, and/or names etc. 

Landing pages work great if you want to effectively communicate your message in a targeted audience, or just build your database through subscriptions. But remember that they have a specific purpose, and they cannot replace your website. 

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