Get More Likes on Instagram With 5 Great Tips

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Follow this 5-step guide, to get more like on Instagram.

A successful Instagram account is always translated by how many likes, and followers you have. Instagram is a great tool on your way to achieve your business goals online. One of its strongest features is admittedly the use of hashtags, because they can offer great exposure either you’re going local or global. There are businesses killing it out there, but for reading this article, I suppose you’re not one of them, right? Well no one built an Instagram account with thousands of likes out of luck and random posts. There is a great behind-the-scenes strategy for all these. If you want to get more likes on Instagram, without spending a penny, keep on reading!

These are 5 of the greatest tips to get more likes on Instagram for free, while gaining some real engagement. Ready?


Share only high-quality photos

If you want to get more likes on Instagram, this is a must! It might seem like a no-brainer, but surprisingly there are many people who don’t do it. Think it this way: Would you interact with a low-quality photo? No. Then don’t expect your followers to do it. You don’t need expensive equipment, just make sure to have good lighting, and eye-catching content. 

Now share videos 

Now that you mastered the art of photos, it’s time to up your game with some high-quality as well, videos. Instagram used to be a photo-only platform, but now videos became extremely popular. Videos will help your post to stand out in a busy, static feed. Just remember not to use audio focused content. More and more people admit of scrolling their feed in silent mode. 

Be consistent with your filter scheme 

Use Instagram’s filters wisely and ultimately, don’t overdo it. Choose one or two options that fit best with your brand, and apply them to all of your photos. Maintaining a consistent filter scheme helps you to create a visual identity, and make your content recognizable from your followers. 

Guess who is about to get more likes on Instagram… That’s right, you!


Make a hashtag research 

Hashtags are an admittedly great way to increase the exposure of your content. Using the proper hashtags though, is not as simple as you may think. Post only relevant to your content hashtags, and remember to mix them every now and then for better results. One to three of the more relevant ones should always go along with your caption, while the rest should be posted in the comments. This is only if you need more than a few, (Instagram allows maximum of 30 hashtags per post). This way followers will not get confused from the heavy text, and Instagram’s algorithm will love you! 

Post consistently 

It might not seem as a great deal, but nothing makes a follower base lose interest in a social media account, including Instagram, quicker than a low number of posts. In order to get more likes on Instagram, then you should maintain a balance on the amounts of the posts you do. Simply put, don’t let them forget you exist, but then again, don’t spam their feed with more than one post per day. 

Now you know how to get more likes on Instagram, which will also bring you more followers! Nice! Did you find these tips useful? Then how about to follow SEODAPOP on Instagram? 

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