What is Inbound Marketing and how to use it to attract new Leads?

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Discover with us what exactly is Inbound Marketing and how this clever strategy can help you reach a broader spectrum of leads.

With the popularity and recent boom of Content Marketing we are sure that more than once you have heard of Inbound Marketing, but, what is it exactly?. Inbound Marketing is one of the most effective strategies to attract leads and convert them into clients.

With this type of marketing, the first thing you’ll notice is that you DO NOT “attack” your client with emails, phone calls and incessant invasive advertisement; on the contrary, you attract them to you by appearing at the moment they need you. This is to adapt at the changes consumers around the world are experiencing in which they are no longer reachable. Users can now easily block and filter any “unwanted” advertisement to prevent it from invading their space. Now it’s the user who seeks for a brand when they need something and even interact one on one when they do so. And so, you get to introduce your product or service to them at the moment they most need it in a concrete and helpful manner. Sounds good right?


One can describe Inbound Marketing as a strategy based on three fundamentals. This fundamentals have been used separately In many occasions and many have successfully applied them in the past. However when used and integrated together they make a combo hard to resist when trying to attract new leads and converting them into clients.

Content Creation

There’s not much to say when it comes to Content Marketing. Being one of the most effective techniques when it comes to captivate and attract new leads, and the deep impression you can create on your prospects about your product or service when used properly. It is about creating content that has value and is useful for your users, that can solve questions, that is useful and that can help with some of the problems your users may encounter before converting into clients. Think about getting into their shoes, to really offer the kind of content they really are looking for.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Working on your content creation is great, but if on top of that you can write it keeping in mind the SEO on each and every one of your posts it becomes even better. You will be consolidating the foundations and a much stronger structure for your business on the long run. Many users, including yourself, use search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to search for solution for most of their problems. That’s why it’s so important to have content that will be helpful to your users and if on top of that it’s on top of the list on the search results, then you have a strategy that will for sure help you succeed. It for sure is one strategy that requires some time and hard work but on the long run you will know that the time spent developing it is well worth it.

Social Media

Social Media will become the secret ingredient on this mix, and the one that will help your product or service stand out the fastest when applied on the Inbound Marketing. This would be the most fast acting and “Short Term” given that you can start promoting and showcasing your product or service since the first moment you open a social media account. Nonetheless, building a community that supports and follows the developing of your brand is not a task that will take a couple posts, pictures and tweets. It is fundamental that you can keep consistency and make efforts to have a bidirectional communication bridge so you can establish strong and long lasting relationships with your users.

It is like this, with the merge of this three different online marketing strategies that Inbound Marketing was born and so the way we do online marketing was changed. Becoming one of the most effective way to connect your  brand to potential clients, Inbound Marketing will help you attract them to your product or service and build trust, communication and a longer lasting relationship with your users and clients.



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