How to Rank #1 on Google

Rank #1 on Google

Do you own a business and are wondering how to rank #1 on Google? Read on for a few sure shot tips to improve your website’s ranking and increase traffic to your site, improve its visibility and catapult your business ahead of all the competition.

Did you know that there are more than 1 trillion searches in just one month alone? This makes it extremely important for your website to rank high in SERPs. Every website owner strives to rank #1 on Google and is, therefore, looking for ways to make it to that top spot for their targeted keywords. But how do you know how to get to that #1 position when Google makes frequent changes on what “number one” in the SERPs means? If you own a reputable firm and your company’s website plays a vital role in running that business, you need to avoid depending and relying on low-quality techniques in order to promote it to the top of search engines and keep a few key tips in mind to navigate your way to the #1 spot.

Tips to Achieve the #1 Ranking on Google 

Here are some of the most important things to do to rank #1 on Google.

1. Play by the Rules

There are rules when it comes to search engine rankings, and Google has a number of them. Before anything else, you need to make sure that you play by their rules. If you want a top Google rank, you need to follow the rules – simple as that! The webmaster guidelines on Google clearly document the practices they approve of and the ones they do not. For instance, Google makes it clear in those terms and conditions that if you are involved in illicit practices to achieve higher rankings, your site will be penalized or worse, removed it entirely from its index on the World Wide Web.

It is important that you use the tools provided, such as Google My Business, Google Search Console, etc., to configure your website to meet Google’s best practices. Remember that configuring your site to meet their requirements is a prerequisite to do well on SERPs.

2. Focus on Your Niche

It is all about competition when it comes to ranking in the top spot, and Google clearly recognizes this. When you want to rank for the most popular terms and rank in the most focused niche, you will undoubtedly face an extremely high level of competition. Google will use this competition to rate your website and this means that your ranking on SERPs depends indirectly on what your competing sites do or not do. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you understand the competitive landscape to run a successful SEO.

You do not want to compete against large companies with massive marketing budgets. Of course, with tactical SEO practices, it is possible to outrank them, but it is likely that facing off these giants will cause you to lose time and money. And this is exactly why it is critical that you focus on a niche first. Instead of trying to compete with larger organizations for popular keywords, it is smarter to niche down. Once you make adjustments to your strategy to focus on a specific area of the market, it will be a lot easier to rank faster for any niche keyword relevant to your new strategy.

Apart from these, getting your keywords right, publishing as much useful and compelling content as possible, and performing on-page optimization keeping your keywords in mind are other simple yet effective ways to rank #1 on Google. SeodaPop can help you achieve a No.1 spot on the ranking list. We can make sure that your website gets the top spot on SERPs. Call today (800) 277-9389 or send us a message right here!

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