How Social Media Came To Rule

By March 19, 2013 Social Media
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Why is social media marketing so powerful right now?

Aside from the fact that Americans spend 94 minutes a day on mobile apps (and most of that is Facebook), here’s the real truth: All other options are DWINDLING.

Social media is one of the only marketing spectrums that’s actually growing right now. It’s true.

Social media is where people are going… every minute, every hour, every day. And people trust social media.

In short, inbound marketing is king right now. Prospects are literally pushing back against outbound. As Gary Vaynerchuck puts it, “push” marketing is dying

HubSpot posted an amazing infographic (below) that illustrates exactly HOW and WHY social media is becoming a primary marketing channel.

In fact, if we’re really honest with ourselves, we know that social already is a primary channel… It’s just that a majority of brands and marketers are unsure how to use it.

Let’s hit the highlights real quick: 70% of people believe online consumer opinions AND only 25% believe advertisements.

That means that, right now, we trust a stranger’s product review or social media recommendation almost 3 times more than an advertisement. And that’s a perfect stranger’s opinion…

Now, it’s hard to measure the value of a “like” on Facebook — the US court system is already working on a dollar figure for Twitter followers.

But we do know WHAT works: Adding the “like” button to EVERYTHING. At DM, we’ve done a LOT of testing on Facebook, and we’ve come away with one solid marketing message: Likes are gold.

Getting “fans” is great, but getting “likes” is where the money is. The Like button is a much more direct trigger for purchasing decisions.

For example, when American Eagle added a “like” button to every product on their site, their FB customers spent 57% more.

Focus on getting your customers to hit that “Like” button. It reinforces their buying decision and, more importantly, it serves as a positive recommendation to everyone in their network.

Oh yeah, while we’re on the subject, go “Like” this post on the Digital Marketer fan page!

Ecommerce Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing - Infographic

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