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One of the most asked questions we get from our client is “How much should I pay for my SEO?”.

With a simple search, you can find SEO services starting from $5.00 per month and going up all the way to thousands of dollars per month. We like to compare those price with “the suit analogy”.

If you were looking to get a suit and you go to a low class tailor you can find a bunch of very cheap suits, If you go to regular store they might give you the same suit for higher price just because of the store’s brand name, or they might actually give you a better quality suit for higher price. Now if you go to a high class tailor, they will make you a custom suit with made with fabric specific for the occasion that will cost you more but will fit better your  needs.  This is what WE do.The problem with having a  cheap suit is that they just made  for a generic public and NOT for YOU. This the moment that a custom made suite come to play. Custom made items are specifically crafted for the person that will  use them form day one. They fit much better and look much nicer on the user. The same analogy applies to SEO. Any company can sell you a generic service but customized services focused on your business needs and strengths are much more valuable and rare.Unfortunately, this is the case for many SEO companies. It is safe to say 70% of SEO does not require any coding knowledge. Thus a person does not need to be a coder to manage your SEO campaign . As you look around for a SEO company you might think that given that there is no need to hire an engineer you can find someone that offers you a cheaper price while it actually cost youu more on the long run.On the other hand given that there is no precise formula to do SEO however, an SEO company should understand coding in order to do SEO properly. Many companies try to deceive their clients with false information.For instance they might “guarantee that you will be on the first page in certain time with certain keyword”. No-one can guarantee that!!As you see, finding a right SEO company with a reasonable pricing range is not that easy.Through years of experience we value our SEO specialist employees to around $30 per hour. One might say that they can find a way cheaper person in foreign countries, and in that case we can only tell you this “good luck with your campaign“. We have, in fact, companies coming to us from around the world. Also, in order to a have successful marketing camping in a reasonable time the specialist has to spend at least 25-40 hrs per month, per account. Besides that there will be advertising cost that will be added up to the marketing budget. We recommend our clients to allocate minimum 1000$ per month for at least 6 months to begin their campaign. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A GENERAL SUGGESTION AND IT VARIES  FROM COMPANY TO COMPANY  and case by case! Give us a call and let our team of specialists analyse your case and see if you think we can help you with your SEO.  Like a Good Tailor we will provide you with custom quote for your specific needs.
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