How Marketing And Podcasts Work Together

By April 1, 2019 Marketing
How Marketing And Podcasts Work Together

Even though podcasts are not something new, they gained much of attention and became popular just recently. This is happening because more and more people switch the traditional desktop or laptop setting, for their mobile screen. Additionally, the lack of today’s time, increases the chances for people to turn into the audio solution of podcasts. As you’re about to read, in this article we’ll talk about the relationship of podcasts and marketing, as well as its benefits for your business. Let’s start!

How Marketing and Podcasts Work Together 

While we all agree that content marketing is crucial for small and big businesses, that doesn’t mean that you should create only written content.  In fact, audio content can be a great booster for people to engage with your brand. If you’re following our blog, you know already how much we love taking about engagement relationships with customers and businesses on internet. And this is something that podcasts can do really well. Over their conversational tone, businesses are able to create communities that share the same interests and passion about certain topics.

At the same time, they can help businesses to build trust and credibility with their audience. While internet is indeed powerful tool, we’ll all agree that it is also, full of scams. By letting your audience to hear your voice, or feel the passion in your words, they know they have to deal with a real person. And of course, the use of podcasts, allows businesses to establish themselves as experts on their niche, by sharing informational content. 

32% of Americans between 25 to 54, listen to podcasts at least monthly. 

How to Use Podcasts in Your Marketing Strategy 

Find a Catchy Name 

The title of your podcast should be attractive enough to get audience’s attention, and informative enough, to let them understand the topic. 

Make a Professional Intro 

Record a professional intro using an actor, or a relevant song, or maybe both. Remember to keep your tunes and slogans, copyright-free. 

Host on the Right Platform 

While there are plenty of hosting platforms for you to choose, you need to stay within your niche. Find the most relevant platform for your business, which gathers audience interested in your industry. 

Be Consistent 

Stay on the top by producing high-quality shows with educational, informative, and conversational tone. Be consistent with the timing of your show, and be creative and original with your topics. 

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