How you can change your age in Google account

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Have your ever Googled “how can I change my age in my Google account” but didn’t find the answer?

Today, I tried to organize a “live hangout” session with my friends on my new Google account. I clicked on the hangout button, and a noticed popped up “Minors cannot have a hangout on the air” Well, I am 22 and defiantly not a minor, so I checked my Google profile and realize I put my age wrong. I tried to fix it only to discover that, Google dose not have this feature. I couldn’t believe it. I Googled “how can i change my age in Google account”, and realize that it is impossible to change age to go under 18 or over 18. They even mentioned this in their policy.

After an hour of checking around I found a brilliant work around solution. I changed my birthdate to one day before I become 18. For instance today is 5/10/2013 and I changed my birthdate to 5/11/1995 . Google accepted it, and I become 18 from Google’s point of view. That’s all I did, so as of tomorrow I can use every services Google has to offer for those over 18. Keep in mind, this trick only works one way, which means, if you list your age at under 18 you can changed the birth date so that the next next day you turn 18, but if you are under 18 and put your age more than 18 you can not go back and correct it. In other words, you can’t regress on dates.


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