Why Is Google Analytics Important for Web Development?

How do you know where your website visitors are coming from? How did they find your site? Which keyword phrases did they insert into Google to find you? Google Analytics answers these questions and more. It’s your web development tool for discovering how to maximize your site’s ability to attract customers.

By monitoring how traffic gets to your site, who is visiting your site and sticking around, and which pages interest them the most, you’ll know how to tweak your website so that it can reach its full potential.

Here are just a few of the questions that Google’s powerful analytical tool can solve:

  • Which pages do your visitors initially land on when they enter your site? Your website visitors may not always start on your home page. Perhaps they clicked on a link to one of your products, or a link to your blog, or a link to another interior page on your site. Armed with this information, you can increase the appeal of individual pages.
  • Do your visitors continue to explore your site once they enter your site, or do they leave to surf elsewhere on the net? The Bounce Rate is an indicator of your website’s staying power. If this rate is high, you are not engaging visitors, and you’ll need further investigation to determine why.
  • When your website visitors explore the pages on your site, which pages interest them the most? The Top Pages report will reveal the content that is working successfully on your site.
  • When is the most traffic visiting your site? The Visits tool will tell you when to publish to your blog and launch new products. It will also tell you when to make site updates without presenting any downtime for visitors.
  • Which pages are referring the most traffic to your site the most? This information can reveal volumes about your visitors and what attracts them to your site, just by knowing what other sites draw their attention.
  • How often do visitors complete their purchases, sign up for your newsletter, download a brochure or e-book, view your videos, and fill in forms requesting more information? This data is found with the Conversion Rate tool. If you have a low rate of conversions, you’ll need to examine the content and design of the pages where you invite visitors to act now.

The speed of your site has a major influence on all of the above Google metrics, particularly the Conversion Rate. If your site is not mobile ready, or if it takes too long to load, you’ll lose visitors. From a web development aspect, the download speed of your website must be addressed in order to adequately assess the results of your Google Analytics.

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