Google Analytics: Why Is It Important For Your Business?

Google Analytics: Why Is It Important For Your Business?

With so many marketing platforms, methods, and strategies out there, it’s really important to find what works best for your business. The key to success is to gather data, measure, and evaluate the results. And how you can do this? But, of course with the greatness of Google Analytics! Today businesses run multiple ads in various channels, trying to gain more traffic for their website. Given that your website is the central hub of your online presence, Google Analytics will show you what converts, and what not.  In this article we’ll explain few basic things, as well as benefits of Google Analytics, for your business. Ready, set, scroll! 

What Is Google Analytics? 

It’s a web analytics service, that Google launched on November, 2005. It tracks and reports website traffic, measures advertising ROI, and analyzes the performance of your videos, social media channels, and applications. Simply put, it gives you accurate performance and conversion reports for every online advertising aspect. Pretty amazing, huh? 

How Does Google Analytics Work? 

In order to track the overall traffic of your website, it adds a tracking code on it. This code allows it to collect data for the overall visits, interactions, behavior, and conversions of your visitors. It shows results for both organic and paid search, and tracks the flow from other platforms. You can see how many people came to you from social media, or Google SERPs, how many clicked on your ads, and more. Additionally, it gives you extra info regarding the overall time your visitors spent on your website, demographics, like age, gender, and country, as well as their device, and browser from which they saw your website. 

Why Is It Important For Your Business? 

Well, everything we said so far, are good enough reasons to convince you about the necessity and importance of using Google Analytics. However, we rounded up four additional reasons about its importance for your business. Check them out. 

  • It helps you to target your preferred audience: It gives you so many monitoring options and information, which you can implement for your own benefit. Nothing converts more than targeting the right people, at the right moment, and with the right tools. 
  • It allows you to track the results from online advertising campaigns: By giving you detailed reports for the origin of your visitors, you can easily understand which method works best for you. If you run an ad on Facebook, but you get more visits from Twitter, you can measure the results. Therefore, you know what you need to change for the next, and next, and the next campaign. 
  • It tracks the behavior of your visitors: Increasing your website traffic may be your main goal, but in order to make things work, you must know your visitors. This tool lets you know which pages they open, how long they stay on them, and what they type on your search bar. If you know what they’re looking for, then you can give it to them. 
  • Real time and customized reports: It gives real time analytics, and a plethora of customizing options, like excluding your own website visits. Having the exact number of real visitors, it’s important, right? 

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