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Essential Types of Google Analytics Reports

Types of Google Analytics Reports

Google analytics offers detailed, targeted reports, that can help your business grow by producing the right content for the right audience. However, like any other tool, you need to be sure that you’re using it the right way, and you utilize its full potential. Yes, you’re exporting Google analytics reports, but are you exporting those that you need? This is what we are going to talk about, in this article, Google analytics reports. There are several types of reports that you can use in order to monitor the performance of your content, reach, website, etc. Let’s take a look! 

If you are not using Google analytics already (why?), then read our relevant blog post about its importance for your brand, here: “Google Analytics: Why It’s Important for Your Business?” 

Types of Google Analytics Reports 

Let’s be honest, the analytics tool from Google it’s great, but mastering it, it’s quite a challenge. It has many aspects, handles a huge amount of data, and there is always something new you can discover. But don’t worry, that why Seodapop is here, to help you out understand as much as possible. The following, are some of the most useful, essential I must say, types of Google Analytics reports that you should be using for better marketing decisions. Check them out! 

Mobile Performance Report 

This shouldn’t really need an explanation. It’s not a secret that currently the mobile users are way more than those who use the traditional desktop, or even laptop. Social media, websites, blogs, all can be read and done through mobile phones, and therefore, on the go. If you want returning visitors, and therefore potential or even returning customers, you need a mobile friendly website. This report, shows you exactly this: how well-optimized for mobile screens, your website is. 

Keyword Analysis Report 

If you really want to up your SEO strategy, you should know which are the keywords that work best for your niche, and your business particularly. Try different ones, monitor them, and see which one drives more traffic to your website, and use them more. This is not a default report in Google Analytics, and you may need to create yours, or search the web for it. 

New and Returning Visitors 

Under the behaviour tab of your audience, you’ll find this report. Here you can see how many of your visitors are new to your website, and how many came back to check your content, offers etc. Both metrics, have their own value, and they’re equally important. 

Google Analytics reports can give very good and reliable insights for the overall performance of your website and content. It’s important to know what works and what not, in order to always produce content that converts. Need help to create content that converts and monitor its performance with detailed Google Analytics reports? Seodapop has both the knowledge and experience, to build your online dream. Let’s chat about it! 

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