Is There a Difference Between Web Designer and Web Developer?

By September 5, 2017 February 12th, 2018 Marketing, Services, Web Design

The answer is yes! Although web designers and web developers both work in the building process of a website, their skills both focus on different aspect of the website development.

In short, the web designer will focus more on the aesthetics and visuals of a website, such as color, the elements layout and its usability. On the other hand web developers will focus on the actual functions of a website by using HTML, Java script, and back end programming languages to develop the functionality of the website.

The web Designer will pay attention to customers objectives on the vibe they want their website to give. In order to achieve this, they use Information Architecture (IA), to create mock ups which serve as a guidelines to the website design process. Web designers might create different designs that are aesthetically pleasing to their customers, and from there choose which wire-frame will be their selected website design. Web designers also focus on the usability of the website, which means that they have to consider what the website will emphasize on by highlighting that emphasis. Web designers will also pay close attention to the balance of the website design, for example making sure that the fonts look good and are readable, that the colors are appealing and that everything complements the ultimate goal of a good looking website that is appealing to the eye.

Web developers are the programmers of websites. They focus on building the functionality of the web page, such as accessibility from different browsers. Web developers do not pay close attention to the aesthetics of the website, but they do play a big role in the functionality of these visuals, such as making them interactive and relevant. They will focus on the components of the website programming by using HTML, and back end programming languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, and more task oriented websites to allow their customers to update their own websites. Web developers will help their customers with the layout dynamics such as developing pop up buttons, or little interactive elements such as being able to click on a picture to get more information, or simply adding a menu bar that will be informative and accessible.

Overall both, web developers, and web designers, are important in the success of a good and well organized, task oriented website. It is important to differentiate the focus of the two in order to be able to determine which skill will be needed throughout the building of a website. Keep in mind that in modernity web developer and web designers are begin used interchangeably in order to keep websites updated and relevant.

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