Content Strategy for Social Media: Which Platform to Use?

Content Strategy for Social Media: Which Platform to Use?

I said that before, and I will talk about it, once more. Whatever the goals of your online marketing strategy are, content is the king! But don’t get confused here, only high-quality, fresh, educational, and original content, belongs to the royal family. Content works well for every kind of business, and it can easily be paired with other marketing methods, for greater results. Based on this idea, and while it’s almost impossible to ignore the today’s impact of social media, content strategy for social media was born. In the following lines, I’ll explain you what it is, what it does, and which platform you should use. Sounds good, right? Ready, set, scroll! 

What Is Content Strategy for Social Media? 

Don’t expect to read a heavyweight definition here. It’s simply about organizing your content and its distribution, across selected social media channels. There! That’s what a content strategy for social media is. 

Why Is Content Strategy for Social Media Important? 

Social media is among the strongest players of the online marketing team, so, a solid social media strategy it’s pretty much the key to success. People spend hours and hours daily updating statuses, uploading pictures, engaging and interacting with friends and businesses, and more. It became people’s favorite to learn, work, have fun, and tell or read a story.  A strong content strategy for social media will help you to engage with all these people in the most effective way. All you need to is high-quality content and original ideas, measured and tailored to the needs of your business, and the preferences of your audience. 

Content Strategy for Social Media: Which Platform to Use? 

First set specific and realistic goals 

Like everything in this life, before jumping into something, you must know what your expectations are. So, before implementing a content strategy for your social media channels, you must know what you want to gain from them. Briefly, that might range from increasing brand awareness and driving visitors to your website, to generating new leads, and subscribers. 

Choose the Right Social Media for Your Business 

Social media are indeed a strong component of a successful online marketing campaign. However, not all the platforms are suitable for every business, and they don’t have the same audience. Here’s an example: 

  • Facebook: Facebook is the most common option, with the massive 76% of users scrolling their feed for interesting content. Adults use it daily, for personal or professional purposes, to read news, articles, and offers, all from their Facebook feed. 
  • Instagram: Instagram is ideal for businesses that want to use visual storytelling and communication to interact with their audience. Here, you’ll find young people, and especially millennials, as well as lots of travelers and free spirits. Also, it is full with influencers that can participate to your campaign. 
  • Pinterest: Pinterest work well for crafty people, and it’s deal for female-focused brands, since most of the users are women. 
  • Twitter: Mobile friendly, quick, simple, and clean. It’s perfect if you want to catch people on the go, who love reading and commenting the news and following trends. 
  • Snapchat: Snapchat is a big go if you want to target teenagers and in general young ages below 25. They’re all there! 
  • Linkedin: Are you offering B2B services? Linkedin is the leader for companies looking to interact with other companies, and also expand and grow their communities. 

Need help to create your own content strategy for social media? SEODAPOP’s team can help you with all the above, and make sure to achieve the best possible results for you and your brand. Check our online marketing and SEO services, and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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