4 Of The Most Common SEO Mistakes

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The most common SEO mistakes

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is one of the greatest tools in internet. A well-planned SEO strategy will help you to draw more traffic to your website, and make your content and services to reach more people. It’s all about the keywords. Or it isn’t? As great as it is, SEO is also complex and requires more than just keywords in order to provide results. SEO mistakes happen, and they happen all the time! If you’re sure you’re that you use a great SEO plan, then go ahead and keep being awesome. But if you’re trying but you find yourself struggling, then it is possible that you’re guilty for one of these common SEO mistakes.

Four of the most common SEO mistakes.

1. You don’t make a proper keyword research 

This could probably be the number one in the list with SEO mistakes. What do you think when you hear of keywords? Exactly! Words that they are the key for your solution. Even though keywords and SEO go together like guacamole and chips (inseparable indeed), not everyone use them as they should do. In order to make the keywords of your SEO strategy to work for you, you need to research. What kind of keywords you need? Keywords relevant with your content and your industry, and keywords that your customers search on national and local searches. Long-tail keywords are also important, due to their form of informational queries. For example: “web design” is a simple keyword, but “Why I need a website” is a long-tail keyword. 

2. You overdo it with the keyword density 

Your keywords are not meant to imitate the over-stuffed turkey on a Thanksgiving’s feast. Do you use your keywords in each and every sentence of your content? Then you’re guilty for the most common SEO mistakes! On the contrary of what most people believe, using too many keywords can be considered as spam from search engines. That means that you will be excluded from the search engine results. And obviously this is something that you don’t want! 

3. You’re the king of copy and paste 

In the early years of internet and blogging, copying a text and giving credits to the author, was a very common technique. But times are changed, and this practice is a big no. Plagiarized content is wrong in so many ways. One of them is of course its bad impact on your SEO strategy. Search engines don’t like plagiarism and if they detect it, then guess who’s out from their results page. Creating original, and fresh content, is life-saving for more conversions. 


Are you guilty yet? 


4. You forget the “Image alt. Tags” and the “Meta Description” 

No, SEO mistakes do not only appear on keywords. There are more factors that can lead you to a SEO success story. Meta description is one to two sentences long text, and is what people see on the results page under your title. Image alternate text on the other hand, works as a “keyworded” picture, and appears when the picture cannot be displayed. Together they are essential parts of an efficient SEO strategy that gives conversions. 


There are not just four SEO mistakes, this is just a quick example. I’ll return with more don’ts for your SEO strategy. Meanwhile, what do you think of these four mistakes? Post your opinion in the comments below. Oh, and if you’re looking for professionals to create and implement a successful SEO strategy for you, SEODAPOP will surely do the work! 

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