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How you can change your age in Google account

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Have your ever Googled “how can I change my age in my Google account” but didn’t find the answer?

Today, I tried to organize a “live hangout” session with my friends on my new Google account. I clicked on the hangout button, and a noticed popped up “Minors cannot have a hangout on the air” Well, I am 22 and defiantly not a minor, so I checked my Google profile and realize I put my age wrong. Read More

7 In-House SEO Initiatives for 2013

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As we look forward to 2013, the New Year provides limitless opportunities and the chance to nail down our SEO to-do lists. As we go through our lists, it’s important to remember that there are short-term SEO tasks that we undertake on an almost daily basis, as well as bigger picture SEO initiatives that may not be implemented overnight and will take time and solid effort. Read More