Building a Content Creation Framework

Building a Content Creation Framework

Even if you’re not working in the marketing section, you know that content is only getting better. Content creation is very important in order to create brand awareness, lead conversions, and boost engagement with your brand. However, in order for your content strategy to be effective, you definitely need a plan. Building a content creation framework, is highly important when you’re trying to market your business through content. The following are some easy-to-follow steps to help you create your own plan. 

Building a Content Creation Framework For Your Business 

Before you start, you need to accept some of the rules of good content. Good content that has the ability to convince and convert, it must be high-quality. Educational, informative, problem-solving, original, high-quality content, is what going to set you apart from competitors. Also, remember that you need to create different content for each stage of your buyer’s journey. Different kind of content you need in order to attract, and different content you need for campaigns, landing pages, blog posts, and calls-to-action. 

Come Up with Ideas 

Believe it or not, this must be the most difficult part while building your content creation framework. You have to sit down and think, and think, think, and think some more! Start by making a list with all the things you want to talk about, aka your company, services, products, mission, etc. Then prioritize them, and find ways to present each one. 

Plan Ahead of Time 

Ok, you got your ideas shorted, but that’s not enough. These ideas should cover a certain period of time, which is better to start as a short-term in the beginning, and expand slowly, especially if you’re just starting out. Usually three months at a time is a good start. Within this period, you should create all the needed content, in order to promote the aspects of your business that you choose, including ads, social media posts, banners, blog posts, events, etc. 

Share Your Content on Social Media 

Building a content creation framework is the first step to achieve your marketing goals. The next is to of course publish your content, and make it visible to your audience. While there are many ways to do that, you shouldn’t miss the power of social media. People spend many hours checking their social profiles and what is shared on their timeline. If you want great exposure for your amazing content, share it across your social media channels. 

Measure the Results 

You made your content, you organized it, shared it, and now what? Now it’s time to measure what of these ideas and methods that you used, is generating results. This is the most important part as it will help you to understand, what you need to do more, or what you need to do less. Your content may be amazing, but maybe you’re targeting the wrong audience. Only a detailed report, can say so! Add Google Analytics in the game!

Building a content creation framework needs time and effort, but it’s definitely worthy. Here in Seodapop, we are experienced in content creation and online marketing, helping small businesses to build their online dreams. Be part of our happy, successful community of customers, by giving us a call on (800) 277-9389.

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