The Benefits of Long Term Content Strategy

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The Benefits of Long Term Content Strategy

Did you know that Google process 3.5 billion search requests every day? Or that 35% of total product searches, begin on Google? That’s right! And the right question here, is how your business can benefit from these numbers? Well, we said that before but here’s once more: Content is the king! To get your share from Google’s ranking pie, you should create high-quality, fresh, and original content. And of course, a long term content strategy, is the key to success. In case you’re not convinced yet, here’s a list with some of the great benefits of long term content strategy. Check them out! 

Great Benefits of Long-Term Content Strategy 

It Keeps Your Readers Engaged 

If you’re not sharing consistent content throughout your channels, readers get bored or even forget that you exist. Two weeks of regular posts and two weeks of zero posts, it’s a schedule that is definitely not going to work. Having your content ready before hand, will help you to create engaging, well-researched and well-written stories, instead of putting up last minute content that doesn’t convert. This is why you need a long-term content strategy, so you know what to post and where. 

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Long Term Content Strategy Works Better with SEO 

Search Engine Optimization is a great, yet complex tool for online brand awareness. In fact, SEO is a mix of different marketing methods merged to one. Long term content strategy approaches SEO to the marrow. By planning your content, you have the ability and time to research your keywords and audiences. This is how you can create relevant content that targets your preferred audience. 

Long Term Content Strategy Helps to Build Your Audience 

On the contrary of the common belief, people don’t engage really well with pushing, short term content that forces them to buy or subscribe now, etc. On the other hand, long-term content helps you to build an honest relationship with your audience. Fresh, educational, and problem-solving content, will make you to stand out from the competition. 

Like Seth Godin said, “Content marketing, is the only marketing left,” and this is the truth. Still hard to convince? Read our relevant post: “The Benefits of Content Marketing.” 

If you find yourself seeking for professional help to develop your own long term content strategy, SEODAPOP will surely do the work. Our team of professionals, will create original, high-quality, and engaging content for your business. Working with us increases your chances to stick at the top of SERPs, and become Google’s favorite kid. Sounds interesting? Then let’s chat about it. Give us a call, and let us help you to achieve your marketing goals.

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