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Creating The Right Email For Your Business

7 Tips For Your Email List

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According to a recent report, we spend about 29% of our workdays in our email inbox. That’s more time and attention than we give to any single website, social media platform, or possibly even to our significant other.

Email also converts at a much higher rate than social media. When it comes to reads and click-throughs, email obliterates every social media platform.

It is believed that email converts at 3.2%, whereas social media hovers around 0.6%. Mileage here varies though, because our own list converts at 56% for opens and 28% for click-throughs, whereas my tweets only convert at less than 1% for clicks.

1. Content
The most important way to build your list is the most difficult-your newsletter has to be really valuable and interesting to your readers. So valuable that they want to share it with others. Save and use your best content for your list.

2. Value
Don’t just tell people to sign up for your list on your website, give them specific reasons why it’s valuable to them. Why do they need to be on the list? What’s in it for them? What do they get specifically if they sign up? “Sign up to get my free newsletter” is boring and non-specific; don’t use this phrase. I recommend offering discounts and monthly free giveaways.

3. Focus
Make your website a massive funnel that drives signups as its main goal. Use your signup form as the star of your homepage. Place it after every page or blog post, and even make a landing page for it.  What’s a newsletter landing page? A page where the sole focus is the signup box–listing what the newsletter is about, what its value is, and social proof if there is some.

4. Promotion
Use your mailing list landing page URL in your social media profiles, add it to your email signature, link to it from all guest posts you write and even add it to business cards or print marketing. Anywhere you can mention your business, mention your newsletter.

5. Consistency
The more important you make your list, the more important your subscribers will feel it is. Establish a schedule for emails and stick to it. Connecting with your list consistently should be a top priority for your business, not something you’ll get to “later.”

6. Personalization
Customize the content in your signup process to make it sound like you. All newsletter software lets you tweak the wording on the confirmation email, the welcome email, and even the URL to which you send your new subscribers. Use this!

Also, write every newsletter like you’re writing to that one person individually, not as a company selling to their “subscribers.” Let your personality shine through, but don’t be creepy about it (e.g., using a person’s name six times in the copy).

7. Incentive
People are not interested in a boring free e-book to sign up, because that’s what everyone does. So, What can you offer that’s actually valuable? Different? Specifically made for the type of subscribers you want to attract? If you aren’t sure what the incentive should be, think about the types of questions your audience routinely asks you. How can you package the answers in a quick and easy-to-digest bonus?

To conclude, it’s not the size of your list, it’s the quality of the people on it. A list of 1,000 energized people, ready to buy your next product or service, is far more valuable than a list of 10,000 who rarely open emails and can’t remember why they signed up in the first place.  Also, I would recommend Mail Chimp as a great resource to store and blast news to your newsletter list.

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SEO Campaing on Computer

Technical SEO And Why It’s so Important

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As you’re about to learn, technical SEO is crucial if you want to rank for your most important keywords. Without good technical SEO, you could end up with the visibility of a short kid standing in the back row of a team picture.

But don’t worry. There’s good news: once you start digging in, technical SEO is not nearly as hard or complicated as it sounds. In most cases, it’s a fairly straightforward task that you can get the hang of relatively quickly, and you won’t even have to go back to College for a degree to do it.

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Why is SEO so important for Local Businesses

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SEO is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in the world of digital marketing. SEO’s unfair characterization as a kind of alchemy over the past decade has caused many otherwise savvy business people to devalue its importance as part of a good, solid marketing plan for small, mid-sized, and even large businesses.

I find this extremely unfortunate because SEO is a very viable marketing outlet that can bring your business more qualified leads and customers.

Moreover, studies have shown that SEO can have a better ROI than traditional forms of marketing like TV and print ads. Like any other marketing method, SEO isn’t magic, but it provides a business visibility, branding, web traffic, a high ROI, credibility, and insight into customer behaviour.

Toys R Us, for example, they didn’t look into the future, and they made the wrong investment. They laughed in the face of SEO and the advantages of having an online presence and now SEO gets the final laugh.

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seo orange county interview

72 Hours: are you prepared?

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Most of us get accustomed to the peace and safety that today’s society offers us and never really stop to think about what needs to be done in order to survive a couple of days without these accommodation. Do you ever lie awake at night worrying about disasters that could strike your home and family? Being prepared may not prevent a disaster but it will give you the confidence to meet the challenge.

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one image is worth a thousand words

What you see and what you don’t: Alt Tag

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No matter what type of business you run, the images published on your website play a big role in increasing your site traffic. Using images in a website is tricky, as each file must be properly sized, formatted and tagged in order to be effective. It’s well worth the effort, however, as images that are correctly processed before being published will have a big impact on your site. Read More

6 Tips to keep up with today’s technology

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Everyone loves their devices!  I know I do. Computers and technology are so awesome until they don’t work. As a tech expert, it’s pretty easy for us to troubleshoot issues and resolve them.  I know it’s a very frustrating situation that can push you over the edge and make you want to toss your device out the nearest window. Relax and don’t panic.  Most technology and computer problems are not fatal. In fact, most of them are very simple to fix. Take my hand.  I’m going to show you how to fix the most common technology issue you may encounter when using devices at home or at work.

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