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      Have you ever wondered what the key to successful marketing is? How do you reach possible clients? Or give your business more exposure? In this interview with one of our many clients Mel Zadeh, we will go through the different things that have worked for his clientele.

      One of the things you have to keep in mind as you expand your business is that if you do not have a website and your competitors do, it is more than likely potential clients will gravitate towards the competing business. Not only because they can easily access it through their phones, but also because the website will make the business seem more up to date. The goal of Seodapop is to offer our customers a website that is easy to access, eye catching, and informative. In order to successfully expand your business through online marketing, we will make sure your website is answers the customers questions regarding your business and most importantly that it serves as a means of attracting business. There other competing businesses out in the market and it is our job as Seodapop to help our clients become the first option for those possible customers.

      Mel’s business is based on helping his clients restore their credit, as well as starting financial accounts for future retirements. Seodapop has helped his business immensely by expanding on the reach his business has through online marketing. As a business person it is important to keep in mind that you are dealing with fast paced clients that will want everything quick, simple, and affordable. Mel mentioned how he is having a hard time getting used to websites such as Yelp, which are used by people to review a business. An important factor in giving exposure to your business and consequently acquiring a client is to keep up with modern technology and social media and acknowledging such websites. Review websites such as Yelp, Bing Places, or Facebook will serve as a means of promoting your business. It is important to have website that will address all possible questions that might convince a customer to make business with you, and it might be the determining factor on wether they choose you over your competitors.

      As a versatile business person it is important to visit these review websites and reply to customer’s comments and questions quickly. That will not only make customers feel like they have been provided with professional customer service, but it might also determine whether they will be customers in the future, or recommend you to other possible clients.This point leads us to one of the most important things in making our business a successful marketing endeavor, and that is to expose your business through different medias such as online media. Ensuring a customer can be as easy as replying to an email in less than five minutes, or replying to a good comment on Yelp. Although some of this websites might seem lucrative, as it was mentioned in the video, it is important to lean towards the media and websites your public will be viewing. This will give you exposure; and exposure means clients, future clients, and returning happy customers. Acknowledging business review websites is part of the customer service experience in modern times, as well as replying to questions though emails, or comments on social media. It is important to have a website exclusively for your business that will address important questions, as well as a website that is straight forward and easy to navigate. That is when Seodapop will jump in and advise customers like Mel on the advantages of online marketing, in order help his business expand and reach new clients

Here our full interview with Mel:

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