Our passion is in working with business owners to ensure they have the best search engine exposure for their business. We focus on the right user experience to convert their website visitors into sales leads.

At Seodapop our focus is on building your authority with people and search engines.

We educate website visitors and generate more targeted sales leads. Our team delivers beautiful websites and long-term search engine success.

Working in the web industry, We have realized that the traditional Digital Marketing Agency model doesn’t work.

It’s bloated and it’s costly.

We’ve learned that employing the right people, giving a great product and the best return on investment possible is costly both in time and finances.

At SeodaPop we only work with the best of the best. This usually means they are not your typical cheap interns on a low hourly rate. Our experts are passionate about what they do and work for what they Love.

Hamid Tavakoli


Hamid Tavakoli is the founder and the mastermind of what is now SeodaPop. From a very young age he was interested in everything that had to do with computers, reading about them investigating about them, his interest went as far as building small computers for fun. At age 13 he had already taken his first steps into web design.
In 2003 he officially created his first website, the first of a career of over 300 and counting. His extend studies in the field have earned him a Bachelor of Science Degree as a Computer engineer from the University of California San Diego and a Master of Science at the university of California Irvine in the field of Network Systems. He spent some time working for Facebook and ZingChart as an intern during his student years, he is the heart of SeodaPop and the mind that brought it all together.

Alexandra Santana

Human resource, CSR

A pro-active sales professional with over six years’ experience as an editor. This role have enabled me to develop a valuable and transferable skill set which stands me in good stead for a Human Resources management and chief Editor for SeodaPop.

Zhizhong Kang

Senior Software Engineer

The concept of Internet had always been fascinating for Zhizhong ever since he first had contact with the knowledge during his sophomore year in high school, previous experience had left a mark in him when he built his fist website. Taking matter head on he started by taking part on several projects that would bring him to the realization that he was meant to be an engineer. Two internships and an undergrad degree at the prestigious Tsinghua University, he moved to the USA to further follow his path to success in the industry and obtain his Master degree. He now forms part of the formidable team at SeodaPop where he is a Senior Software Engineer.

Dr. Mark Cohle

Senior Software Engineer

Dr. Chole holds his P.H.D from University of California San Diego. He is considered among our group to be the smartest, and you can see that when you notice his first place ranking for the University entrance exam. His abilities as an engineer are no less impressive an his experience on the market has earned him a place of admiration and respect among his peers.

Dain Turner

SEO Expert, Sales

With more than 20 years experience in sales and marketing he know all there is to know about the field, tricks and trades. We trust his ability to close deals and his extensive knowledge about trends and sales have made him an important part of the company.


Whether you are just looking for a company to help you, or you already form part of our Family we want to say :

This is the story of how we came to be

And How, Against All, You Must Follow Your Dreams.

The founder, Hamid Tavakoli, is a computer engineer graduated from UC Irvine. With a Bachelors in UC San Diego. His interest in computers comes from childhood. He was utterly drawn to the complexity of computers and how this “strange” (at the time at least) machines worked.

His interest, however, did not fade, as many childhood interests do for many of us. He Followed his interest and made a point to make it his future. At the age of 13, he was already coding. Self-study, perseverance and a will a few people would be able to match. He started a career focused on computer engineering and web development.

SeodaPop first “appearance” was in 2004 as a project more than anything, to help with school expenses. At that time, it was still not clear if going “solo” and refusing the offers of renowned companies would be the best move.

By the time he started formal studies he had already created his first website. And, by the time he graduated, he already had his own company.

Growing up, apart from his fascination about computers, there were only 2 other things he could say he loved (other than his Family of course).

The Ocean, and Soft Drinks (Soda pop as he knew them then). He had study long years to be able to understand computers, and he had learned to dive to admire the Ocean. Now he had the chance to name his very own company. What better way than to do it with something he had loved as a child and so dearly remembered as an adult.

It’s name, a fusion of two of the things he liked the most, Soft drinks (soda pop) and SEO (search engine optimization) which was the main focus of the company when we first started.

After years of experience, failed projects, long lost friends, and business partners without a vision. Hamid got together a group of specialists (and friends) he could trust. And so, SeopdaPop was “born” officially.

Members and the growth of the company and it’s focus changed, but the integrity and the foundation of the same did not.

We do what we Love, and We LOVE what we do. 

2012 was the year that saw the beginning of what is now known as SeodaPop.

And, it is thanks to you, that we can still be here to make ourselves better in order to serve you.

You Are Right Where You Need To Be…



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