9 Smart Ways For Content Repurposing

By April 3, 2019 Marketing
9 Smart Ways For Content Repurposing

Yeah, yeah, you heard that so many times, that high-quality content is part of the royal family, it’s great, has many benefits, blah, blah, blah! While all of them are true, we must admit that sometimes it’s just too hard to always find new ideas and topics. But something you can definitely do, is to find new ways to use your existing content. Smart huh? This is what we call content repurposing in the marketing language. Learn how you can do it yourself, in the following lines, and let us know which one was your favorite, in the comments section below. 

9 Smart Ways for Content Repurposing 

Turn Your Videos into Blog Posts 

You made a video about something, you published, got your likes, and now it just occupies space in your flash drive? You can re-use it, by turning it into a blog post, accompanied from the video. It will be super easy once you already researched the topic, and the only thing you have to do is to type. 

Convert Your Best Posts into Podcasts 

Podcasts have their own space in the marketing industry, and it’s statistically proven, that people love hearing them. Then why you don’t just prepare your show, and go live? Learn more in our recent post about the relationship of podcasts and marketing, as well as the benefits. 

Up Your Twitter Game 

Do you have a post with many statistics or quotes? Use them one-by-one for short Twitter posts, and boom! Content repurposing at its best! 

Turn Your Words into Visuals 

Remember those quotes we talked about? After you’re done on Twitter, transfer them into eye-catching visuals, and post them on Instagram! 

Who Wants a GIF? 

If you have several videos, try to edit them and shorten them, to either create shorter versions, or make fun GIFs! 

Make Educational Infographics 

Statistics, or even presentations for projects etc., can be transformed to beautiful infographics, and be shared on multiple social media channels? 

Do You Have Pinterest? 

Do you create lots of beautiful visuals for your products and your services? Then how about making a Pinterest board for extra engagement with your brand? 

Everyone Likes Video Tutorials 

Do you create blog posts that teach people how to do the one thing or the other? Up your content repurposing game, and create video tutorials based on those posts. 

Newsletters Anyone? 

If you have a long email list, then utilize it and create weekly newsletters for the best posts of the weeks. People will love to click on what others clicked, and loved before them. Just let them know, and keep driving traffic to your website and to your older posts. 

This list for smart ways for content repurposing has no end! All you need is to be creative and flexible. Need professional help to crate, promote, or repurpose your content? Seodapop will surely do the work for you! Let’s chat about it! 

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