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With so many tech devices in our lives these days, it’s important to stay on top of maintenance that needs to be done periodically on your computer, smartphone and tablets to keep things running smoothly. Here’s a look at some tasks that are often put on the back burner, but should really be carried out regularly.

1. Update your Wi-Fi router. If you’re experiencing slow Wi-Fi speeds, spotty connections, updating your router can help. Routers usually have a life of 5 years, so if your router is over 5 years old, it’s time to replace it.  For best performance, use the router provided by your Internet provider.

2. Your operating system and other software updated. Most computer and smart devices will automatically download updates, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re running the latest and greatest for security and functionality. If you’re not sure, you can give us a call and we can tell you what version of software your device should be running.

3. Clean up storage space. Got old programs or files you no longer use? Uninstall them and delete those old files. Computers and laptops have unlimited storage, so it’s not as important to clean out old files on those as opposed to your tablet or smartphone which has limited storage.  When your device fills up, it can slow down the performance.

4. Backup data regularly. Backing up your data regularly is one of the most important tasks you need to do. All devices are vulnerable to failure, so it’s always a good idea to back up your stuff.   I recommend taking a three-step approach to backing things up; by having a local backup of your important files on an external drive; a backup of your most important files to a cloud service like OneDrive or Dropbox; and a full system off-site backup

5. Clean up your equipment. If you have a desktop computer or a laptop, it ends up collecting a lot of dust internally, so it’s a good idea to blow it out with canned or compressed air. This will keep your computer from overheating.

6. Restart your computer. Letting your computer hibernate or sleep is great, but once in a while, you need to restart your computer. Shutting down or restarting your computer every once in a while will free up resources and keep your computer running smoothly.

7. Reset your modem. Every few months it’s a good idea to reset your Internet modem. To reset your modem, simply unplug the power cord for a few seconds and plug it back in. That will trigger any updates your cable provider has sent to your modem and you can enjoy the faster speeds.

8. Check for updates on game consoles. Usually, a game console will either update in the background or let you know that an update is available. But you might want to manually check for updates on occasion so you know you’re getting the best performance from your entertainment device(s).

Following these simple tips can help ensure your devices are running at optimal performance with fairly minimal effort. Keep in mind that you’ll need to carry out most of the tips listed above on a regular basis so it’s good to get into the habit of performing them.

Are you good at maintaining your devices?  What habits do you use?Let us know what is your favorite way to keep your devices running smoothly! Call Us Today (800) 277-9389

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