11 Tips to optimize your website using SEO pt.3

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SEO is how search engines determine which websites deserve to have a superior rank than others based on what has been searched for. SEO is crucial because it eliminates and minimizes the ability to manipulate the search results so that sites with the most pages or links aren’t persistently ranked #1. With that said, highly ranked websites are strongly correlated with websites that appeal to visitors and meet the criteria that they are seeking for.

The use of social media, internal and external links in your posts and creating good content are some of the tips to optimize your website using SEO.

8 – Add meta tags

Title tags are the content of your page, it describes what your site is about. This is where you need to add keywords that are right and are more relevant to your

Title tags describe the content of your page. It’s the language that helps search engines understand what your site is about. This is where you need to add the right keywords that are more relevant to your page.

Meta tags provide the right context for your title tags helping both search engines and people to get a quick sight of your content. It should be no more than 160 characters and the words must be picked wisely. This is what may convince users to click on your page.

9 – Optimize your images

As visual content becomes more popular, it’s important to optimize your images to make them easier for people to find them. 

On the contrary of what most people think SEO is not limited to written text, it can also extend to images. Especially because users are far more likely to react to an image before they begin reading your post.

Make sure that the images are unique, in the highest quality format and that it has a concise caption.  

10 – Local SEO

There is space for local SEO to grow as Google is investing in local advertising. Local marketing is gaining ground as more marketers try to reach more targeted audiences. Keyword strategies focus more on local audiences and the copy can be optimized to fit different targeting.

Learning as many details as possible about your target public is a good way to keep up with local SEO.

11 – Create new content but don’t forget your older content

Fresh content serves as a sign that you are constantly updating your site. It`s important to add new content from time to time but it`s also useful to revise your existing posts. 

Your older blog posts can end up having bigger value than your latest ones. SEO takes time to work, which means that the older your post, the higher it can land in rankings. This can be a good strategy to boost your site’s traffic without necessarily creating new posts.

Nowadays, SEO is all about providing an excellent user experience by considering everything that includes the copy, the design, the keywords and the insights from your target public.

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