11 Tips to optimize your website using SEO pt.1

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SEO can elevate the access to your site by paying closer attention to what your visitors want from you. It can optimize your pages to be as useful as possible helping you create content that your consumers will enjoy reading.

The first steps towards SEO – search engine optimization


SEO can be difficult and success doesn`t happen overnight but starting by small changes can definitely improve your rankings in web search results and gradually lead you to greater success.

In general, we define SEO success by:

  • Being more relevant for our target public
  • Increasing the search traffic coming to our site
  • Building awareness from search results
  • Using the opportunity to improve the site’s visitor experience
  • Beating competitors in search results.

The first tip we would like you to keep in mind when starting to optimize your website is to Focus on your Content:

 Keywords can help you be more specific to your search objectives, but you still need to create content with quality and should attract your visitor’s attention.

Before your search engines, your content should make sense to your readers first.

It used to be a common suggestion to add all your keywords throughout your copy but this risked the chance of alienating your public.

The modern approach to SEO requires you pay attention to the quality of your content to stand out with your copy.

2 – Understanding Keywords

You need to perform keyword research to find the best keywords that will bring you success (by searching as a human being). The next step is to include them in your post in the most natural way.

It’s important to understand which keywords people will search for your website. They need to make sense and they shouldn’t be too general. The more specific you get, the higher the chances to find your public.

3 – Think like a user

Once you start searching like a user, the next step is to also think like a user when you’re improving your website. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to make small changes to make your website performance more efficient. 

It`s important to have user experience and also to seek suggestions from people who visit your site for the first time and you need to consider all the changes that will make your site easier to access for your visitors.

We`ll continue the tips in another post but for now, keep those in mind to start optimizing your website and remember that SEODAPOP is here to help you improve and have success in SEO. 

Paula Pedrini

Author Paula Pedrini

A former lawyer from Brazil that left the courts five years ago to follow a passion the courts could not fulfill. I became a senior SEO specialist and social media marketer and now work as a member of the SeodaPop family.

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